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Putting money in Insurance or Stocks

I just received a question from one of my favourite clients. “What do you recommend, buying stocks or putting more money into my insurance funds?” While I like to give a straight, yes or no, or this or that answer, it’s not that simple. The decision to put more money into a life insurance fund […]

Is Insurance a good hedge against inflation?

In economic terms inflation is the general increase in the prices of goods and services in a particular country. It refers to an overall increase in the Consumer Price Index, (CPI,) which is a weighted average of prices for different goods.

If you can’t handle the heat, stay out of the kitchen???

When the markets are booming and everything is going up up up, everyone wants to jump onboard. Ride the wave.

It’s more of a feeling of missing out. People don’t want to be the ones left behind as others, friends, or family make big windfalls and we make nothing.

What is an IRP?

It is a strategy. It stands for “Insured Retirement Plan.” Some people call it other things. For example, an IRS, (Insured Retirement Strategy.)

It doesn’t matter…until it matters a lot!

Life insurance doesn’t matter, until it matters. Then it matters a lot.

Few people see the real need for life insurance. A friend of mine had a conversation with someone yesterday. The topic of life insurance came up. And this person said, “People are still buying life insurance?”